This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

With all the hype around AI-robots, self-driving cars etc. It can be easy to assume that AI doesn't impact our daily lives.

I think that AI has more advantages than disadvantages. When we look at the health sector, AI tools have helped doctors identify potential health risks and develop personalised treatment plans. This can lead to better health outcomes for patients and accelerate the development of new medical treatments and technologies. AI can also help to detect breast cancer when a person is still young.

AI also reduces human error and increases accurancy. For example, use of robotic surgery systems that can perform complex procedures with accurancy improving patients safety. AI also makes unbiased decisions - human beings are driven by emotions but AI on the other hand is devoid of emotions and more accurate in decision making.

AI also helps to locate different places using Google Maps. Those days a message would take months for a person to receive it but now AI has helped us to communicate to people in distant places within minutes. Today, we can anticipate today's weather and the days ahead using AI.

AI robots may do work for humans e.g going to space, exploring deepest oceans etc. Businesses can create a chatbot that can answer all their client's questions using AI.

Despite of the fact that AI has many advantages it also has disadvantages. Some of them are;

1.High costs-AI tools are very expensive to buy and maintain.

2.Causes unemployment-Robots replace human resources in manufacturing businnesses in some more advanced nations like Japan.

3.Promotes laziness-since AI tools will be used like robots doing for people work they will be lazy.

I conclude by saying AI is really interesting.