Are tougher climate laws possible for some lifestyles?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Tougher climate laws can certainly help the environment and that is exactly what we need.However,for some people tougher climate laws can completely interrupt the way they live.It is good to help the environment and that is exactly what we need but I feel like people should be put into the equation for necesseties not for wants.

The positives for tougher climate laws mean that we will have an earth to live on.It means that the entire world will heal from humans past and present mistakes and that nature will thrive without people destroying it.Another positive would be that if we take care of the environment for as long as it needs to heal laws could be reduced by a bit but still allow the environment to heal.The negatives about tougher climate laws would be that for people with jobs far away it would be hard to travel without a car.At the very least,it would be difficult to buy a completely new car especially if someone is low on money and doesn't have the money to spend on a car.Many people's jobs would be interrupted by very tough climate laws.

In my opnion,we should have tougher climate laws but just tough enough they help the environment but not too tough that many people's daily lives become interrupted.This way everyone and everything can live in peace.