Climate Change

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Climate change is a very important matter because it can massively affect the future of our planet and the people on it, it has been a problem for years now but in more recent times it has been growing into a bigger issue. I feel as though climate change is one of, if not the, biggest problem that we are currently facing. It has impacted us financially and physically, it is destroying our environment time and time again, it causes wildfires, intense storms, melting ice glaciers ect. It puts thousands of animals in danger and lots of populations are slowly going extinct because of their habitats slowly being destroyed.

Climatologists say that the climate has warmed significantly since the 1800’s and has gotten to a point of irreversible damage, if we don’t start changing our ways and actions the planet will slowly start to suffer from permanent negative effects, some negative effects include rising sea levels which are slowly starting to engulf parts countries and countries as a whole under seas. Other people seem to think that climate change has positives like crops being able to grow faster and become more drought resistant because of the warmer temperatures and the higher carbon dioxide levels.

Famous people such as Greta Thumberg, David Attomnrough and Leonardo DiCaprio have stepped up and used their platform to talk about the issue and donated to many charities influencing people to do the same.

In conclusion, the planet is dying and needs our help. I am heavily concerned for its future and what is coming next if we don’t make changes for the benefit of the human race and what will be left of it after climate change has left us with nothing. Despite the challenges of having to change laws and/or political views we should be able make changes, even if they are small. I personally think that we should cut down on the usage of fossil fuels and invest in a more secure recycling system meaning that less waste would end up in the sea. The impact of these small, or large, changes will be massive in the long run and can differ the future generations and the future of humanity as a whole.