climate change

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Climate change

Climate change is an ongoing issue with the world and governments should start to take action in the world . I suggest that climate laws should be in place to overcome the environmental changes that we are going through . While other people may want less stricter regulations because they wouldn’t want a change . It is very important to understand the long term results that we could face if we don’t try to play a part to sustain this world because if we don’t it could affect later generations . I will present the positive and negative aspects of climate laws with the importance of protecting our future for us and others.

If we had higher laws for climate change then it may encourage some to start following if they know what the consequences could be if they don’t start following them . And if people started to switch to energy sources to decrease the amount of pollution that goes into the air, that could be one of the tough climate laws put into place . By making stricter rules it will decrease peoples carbons footprint And governments can start to criticise the factories on how they could start lowering the amount of pollution that goes up in the air and start using stuff that's cleaner which would reduce the amount of greenhouse gases making the world change already .

If we start to have stricter climate laws then we would be able to keep the ecosystems and the rare wildlife we have and increase their chances of surviving All the things that are happening to the world right now then we are able to hopefully grow the forests or habitats that are slowly going away . The Climate Change Act has formalised the UK's approach to tackling climate change – both on mitigation (reducing emissions) and adaptation (increasing resilience to climate change). It provides a clear direction of travel, while allowing for flexibility and innovation nThe potential future effects of global climate change include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions, and an increase in the wind intensity and rainfall from tropical cyclones. In conclusion, I am concerned about the future of our planet. I believe that tougher climate laws should be replaced . Despite other thoughts of people it can damage economies and ecosystems and then give concerns about the countries .