Climate change

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Climate change is a long term shift of temperatures and weather patterns being caused by our actions.

Climate change is an important topic to talk about as it is slowly destroying our planet..This is because of us humans burning fossil fuels which produce heat trapping gasses.climate change is slowly killing us as it is stunning the growth of crops This is important to me as it is affecting the worlds crop growth and water availability.It is affecting the ecosystem as animals are having their habitat burnt down due to extreme temperatures and lack of rain.

The whole world is affected by climate change.This is because climate change can cause severe health issues that can lead to the deaths of many people. While climate change is affecting the whole world it has a higher effect on people that live in floodplains, the coast and in areas where severe weather can cause damage to the area that they live in as they are in more danger than people that live in the city as they are less vulnerable to floods which can be caused rising water levels.As Well as humans,animals can also be affected by climate change.The rising heat of the planet can cause animals to lose their habitat by causing wildfires that can burn down the homes of the animals.The rapid rising of temperature can cause animals to migrate to new areas as their own homes are becoming too hot for them to live in.

I think that we should try to stop and minimise the effects of climate change.I think this because climate change is causing us and future generations to have a lower opportunity of enjoying the future of their lives.To minimise our carbon footprint,we can stop using our heating during summer time.We can also stop using electricity which can be done by using solar panels,candles and flashlights on our phones.As well as this we can wash our laundry with water and leave it outside to dry especially during summer.Roads around the whole world are jammed with vehicles.We can start using bicycles scooters and even walking from point A to point B.If the distance between you and your destination you should consider taking public transport as it is the equivalent of driving one car that is able to hold up to 60-120 people.\