Climate change

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The topic that interests me is climate change

Climate change is a very dangerous phenomenon for human life and for our planet.

First, the population increase leads to the use of many industrial machines, means of transportation and communications, and that increases the use of factories, which leads to an increase in the proportion of harmful gases in the air.

Secondly, the generation of electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels, oils or gases leads to the production of carbon dioxide and nitrous gas, which are strong and harmful gases that trap the heat of the sun. Some people use wind energy, solar energy and renewable energy sources, which are less harmful, but they use them in small proportions in producing electricity and heat which often depend on burning fossil fuels and gases.

Third, cutting down trees and forests is dangerous.

Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide gas from the air, and when they are cut down, it leads to a significant increase in the gas, which poses a greater danger as a result of climate change.

Moreover, high temperatures leads to very large fires, and the change in temperature also causes an imbalance in the usual balance of nature, and also leads to changes in precipitation and its quantities, which leads to an increase in floods and that leads to the erosion of a number of cities leading to an increase in poverty as well. Change in weather and degrees of heat leads to the spread of many diseases, malaria and others. All these results cause a great danger to life in general, so we must find solutions to eliminate the great problem of climate change

Some of the solutions to reduce the problem of climate change:

First, limiting the use of fossil fuels by relying on wind energy, solar energy, and renewable energy sources

Second, reducing the use of means of transportation and communications through the use of mass transportation and bicycles to reduce their waste.

Third, avoiding cutting down trees and forests and working to increase their cultivation in order to reduce carbon dioxide gas.