Climate Change

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

One of the most important life threatening problem is Climate change.It is defined as the end of our planet.It is defining issue of our time.They can cause: shifting weathers that threaten food production,rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. I strongly believe that stricter climate laws are really necessary as they can build up the future of our planet.Before we are too late we need urgent action.In this essay i will be talking about positives and negatives of stricter climate laws and the impact on our planet.

I think that stricter climate laws are necessary due to the state of our planet these are all caused by human activities.For example walking or cycling instead of driving for our short journeys helps to protect biodiversity.It creates less noise,less air pollution and fewer emissions that are warming the atmosphere.About a gallon of gasoline you save by walking avoids 22 pounds of CO2 emissions.We can help to protect our green spaces by showing its importance to communities, and to plants and wildlife.By launching stricter laws, governments can incentivise industries to adopt cleaner energy alternatives.Stricter climate laws helps protect our environment as well as wildlife ecosystems and natural disaster areas.

I think stricter climate laws are necessary, however they can have a really big impact on the country's statues.Stricter climate laws cause significant risks to macrofinancial stability.Non financial corporate sectors face risks from climate damages and stranded assets-such as coal reserves that become uneconomic with carbon pricing and the disruption could affect corporate balance sheet quality.Environmental protection laws have often failed because they usually include certain problematic characteristics.These can impact our everyday lives and change our routines.

In conclusion, I believe that stricter climate laws are necessary for the future of our planet.Despite all the negatives and positives, stricter climate laws are really important.By encouraging the government into stricter climate regulation we will be able to stop:Warmer temperatures,more severe storms,increased drought,A warming, rising ocean,Loss of species,not enough food,More health risks,Poverty and displacement.If we are not too late and are able to take serious action we will make this planet a better environment for future generations.