Climate Laws

Climate change has been a very big global issue which has affected many people’s lives. This has led to needing tougher climate laws for the beIt is estimated that 27,755 people die per year associated with climate change. It is important that even though some people may disagree with toughening the rules ,it is good to remember that this is for the better of our planet. In this essay, I will show the positive and negative sides of climate laws.

While there are many positives to climate laws, there are a few negatives to this as well.

Throughout the past few years many crops have grown better in the warmer weather as the increase of carbon dioxide and this can also lead to more drought tolerance for the crops which means it would be easier for farmers but bad for the rest of the environment as the weather is still getting hotter. Another negative in climate laws is that climate change has actually decreased the death rate in the cold weathers so is a negative as if it were the same weather, people would die from the extreme cold weathers .

Meanwhile, the positives in stricter climate laws is that it can decrease natural disasters like floods and droughts. Floods and droughts affect many people’s lives because such as floods, they destroy residents' houses which leads them to become homeless and starved. Climate laws can also help allow animals to not be killed to extinction.