From here the change begins

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


From here, change begins....why? Earth Day March 22 (Don't throw rubbish on the ground) (Keep the environment clean) (Don't cut down trees) Many phrases no matter how you look, you will find them in the streets, in the school, or words your parents said. These words are simple, but if they are implemented, we will see the change. Do you follow these instructions? Do not worry, there is no need to pretend, I know that most of us ignore it, and I do not try to be the perfect person or deny that I do not do that, because I am a human being like you. After the discussions we had about Earth Day, I felt guilt and remorse because I caused the corruption of our beautiful environment without realizing it. This is the reason that It prompted me to ask myself, why not preserve the environment instead of destroying it? And how can I get started with this? I read many comments that motivated me by seeing the negatives of every behavior that I thought was okay. This made me realize that I really need to change for the better for myself and my environment, just like any person in the modern world, as soon as he is ignorant of something, he searches on social media As self-awareness and guidance towards steps for a better future, YouTube did a new feature a few days ago that supports preserving the environment by identifying plants and their importance. Wrong actions that we take help to get rid of them. You may see that it is useless, but a number of children follow YouTube and Their vision of the world of plants and its beauty will give them an incentive and motivation to search for it. When parents see their children, they will be happy to fulfill their desire that targets the idea of preserving the environment, as the incentive is the fuel for the plane to fly high. In the end, I benefited from Earth Day in developing my thinking, and I learned that if I want to change the world, I must start by changing myself, and from here the change begins for the better for all.