This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

As we all know the climate of countries depend on how the citizens of the country take care of their surroundings. Sometimes I wonder🤔 how stubborn are we to refuse to take care of our on environment but I can say that I have seen citizens show concern and willingness to things like the ecosystem , forests and so many others. There are solutions like

a) Becoming a vegetarian .

b) Reducing the amount of electricity.

c) Only eating non meat

d) Only using economic friendly products.

-This all sounds like good ideas but some are not really realistic because for those who travel abroad for work they have to like travel 2 a week and it really affects the environment but what can they do. I can say the idea of being a vegetarian is okay because some nutrients found in meat can be replaced by nutrients found in plants So what I am trying to say is that some ideas should be put into action because thier impactful while others should not be practiced because thier not really realistic in the modern