Should tougher Climate Laws be introduced?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I think it is very important for us to get better and stronger climate laws due to the things which are currently going on in the world because of it. It is negatively affecting the world with mass amounts of carbon admission which are currently polluting the atmosphere and stopping the light from the sun from getting back into space due to it getting trapped in the carbon gas in the sky which has been created. Many people think that Oil should be continued to be milked because of all its power that it holds.

There are many viewpoints on this discussion from many different people of many different roles, and most of the people that agree that we should stop milking Oil are the community and celebrities, and people who normally say against it are people who work in factories or with the government because it is a strong resource that they want to abuse and over use. Another point is that it really depends on what kind of uses Oil is being talked about, for example, it is very useful as a fuel source but it is also used for things like tanks which are used during wars. Also, Oil is not seen as how deadly it can actually be as people just see it as a liquid resource that is very good at fueling and making things like plastic and other objects or substances.

I think that people should stop using oil of many reasons such as: fuel and resource, because despite there being options like coal that are useable, they instead use the more exploited, overused, expensive, and rarer source for fuel which is a hydrocarbon which means that when the oil is used it creates a lot of CO2 gas that is causing many negative effects like climate change, which is causing it to get colder in winter and vice versa, and the icebergs and other sources are melting and it is causing floods and parts of the world to start sinking under the water due to the carbon gas getting stuck in the atmosphere and polluting everything, which is then stopping all that light and heat from the sun being able to escape back into the air, which is warming the planet.