The role of countries and individuals in stopping climate change

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Trying to stop climate change is one the greatest signs which that humanity are united and care for this planet and for each other. And this resembels in the COPs conferences which gather 197 parties all over the world in order to save the globe from the dreadful impact of climate change. To achieve this noble goal, this conference should be more sustainable to go in line with its unique aims.

Therefore, the organizers should more precise in the details of holding such an impressive event. I recommend them to use the video conference technology next year instead of spending millions of dollars on this event. Technology makes the world as a small village ,so we can get benefit of it and decrease the carbon emissions that comes out of many transportation such private planes and cars that the world leaders could use to attend the conference . Moreover, we can use the spent money on building new projects which aim at inventing new renewable resources for energy.

In addition to that everyone should reduce his carbon footprints to protect our planet and to stop climate change to save the next generations. This can happen by thinking deeply in everything that we use especially the things that can be safe to environment and sustainable. We should follow the three R's strategy which means Reduce, Reuse and recycle. If everyone took this responsibility on his shoulder. I'm sure that we we can solve this problem completely.