Tougher climate laws?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Climate change has been an issue for years and is an issue that affects every single person on this planet and needs to be put to action. I believe that tougher climate laws are one of the many ways to resolve this issue.However, many people are concerned that these laws are capable of raising production costs and lower productivity. Even though that could be an issue when changing these laws I still believe that stricter laws are fundamental to ensure a future.In this essay i will be showing reasons as to why there should be tougher climate laws.

If tougher climate laws were put in place it would help the transition to clean and sustainable energy.These new rules encourage many different industries and people in general to switch to cleaner alternatives.All these changes would eventually lead to the reduce in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and ethane.These rules could also have a huge impact on the environment and would help protect our ecosystems and wildlife.A concern of putting in the laws are the affect it would have on the economy.Many people think that the stricter laws would force companies into spending more money on cleaner alternatives restricting their growth.These stricter laws could also potentially be unfair on smaller developing countries as the laws would also add to things they would need to comply with that they simply cannot do which could lead to the prevention of their development.Even though these possible issues are not good I still think that they are not close to how bad climate change as an issue.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that stricter climate laws should be put in place to ensure a better future for all people.Even though these laws could cause some issues in the future I think that they are not of the same importance of climate change.By putting these laws in place it will help improve life for not only humans but also the environment and the habitats of animals.