We need to save our planet for future generations!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Currently everyone has aided in the growth of pollution at some point in their life. Plastic pollution is a very big cause of it. The ocean and all its wildlife is suffering because of our mistakes. In this world everyone blames each other for this but nobody is actually doing anything about it! I believe it is everyone's fault. The companies who keep making it and our fault as consumers for buying it. I have a couple of ways we can fix this. The Government could put a ban on how much the large corporations can make and how much we can buy. Or, we could stop buying so much and if we stop then they will stop making as much as they don't want to waste money. We also need more recycling bins as what people tend to do is just throw it away but we need to recycle it so it does not end up in the ocean. Schools also need to do something as we have no recycling bins! Surely you need one for every hundred students. I believe this because in my school we have over 1500 students. When i walk around the school i see no recycling bins and that sadddens me as we are doing nothing to save these poor creatures. We need to preserve this Earth for future generations which we won't be able to do as the ozone layer is breaking and when that breaks the Sun will hit us directly and we will all burn. If you have heard the stories of when people cut open the sea animals and see the amount of plastic that is in them it is absolutely shocking. If you have heard this then why wouldn't you want to save these poor innocent creatures lives? If you feel the same as me then change how you live your life by putting restrictions on how much plastic you buy. There may be people who don't take any notice of it but at least you will know you have done your part.