A Future Devoid of Nepotism

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Nepotism is the practice of treating family members and friends differently than others. I believe it is a major societal issue since certain skills that could have been put to good use are being wasted because they are not being utilised. People give special attention and favours to people who may not be very good or are not even trained for a particular job or role, sometimes to the detriment of the organisation, when they could have employed more competent hands who are not related to them to provide better services. In the long term, this is occasionally unfortunate.

Some people have lost their employment as a result of nepotism because someone wishes to replace them with his or her sibling or sister. This has resulted in despair, sadness, depression, or even worse outcomes for the victims of nepotism. On the other side, the personnel brought in to replace them were discovered to be underperforming, and as a result, embezzlement, bureaucracy, bottlenecks, and other issues arose in organisations.

It is not illegal to pass down enterprises in the family line, but if the next in line is incapable, it is only prudent to appoint a more skilled hand.