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NEPOTISM is an act in which friends and family members are given privilige instead of their capabilities.It is giving preference to close relatives in a field or proffesion without considering the potentials of others. These fields may include politics , entertainment , academics , business , sports etc .

Nepotism is actually derived from Latin word Nephew.In 1471 Pope Sixtus permitted several particular favours to his closed family members,principally to his Nephews. This act of nepotism was followed by his descendants.Nepotism had been criticized by many philosphers like Valluvar, Confucius and Aristotle considering it wrongful and injudicious.

Nepotism is actually a state of inequality.In satisfying words of Slobodan Milosenic ," Equality is nothing untill applied into the institutions. According to Merriam-Webster ," equality is a state of feeling himself equal ". It is a state which can only be achieved when there is collaborative effort , not only on a smaller scale but at a wider level. It is a desire of each and every individual . Everyone wish to be treated as equal . According to Merriam-Webster nepotism is another name for "kinship" or favouritism ".It can be called the root cause of corruption . In this way, instead of skills and merits of individual , favouritism is done on the basis of relationships .In this way ,corruption starts at the root level which leads to decline and detioration .

If a head had to make a choice between the two person,who are equally qualified and the head prefers his closed one for the job ,this is called as Nepotism.


Since 3000 years ago,in China 's Dynasty, practice of Nepotism is very common .Confucious put down the significance of balancing the " filial piety with merit".In confucious life span feudal system based on dynasty collapsed but Nepotism was carried out in the present time .

Former president of Sri Lanka , Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed three of his brothers at important posts of ministries.Lateron,he was accused of nepotismwas ac, has been accused of Nepotism ,appointing three brothers to run important ministries and assigning specific positions to his relatives without considering the merit.

Benjamin Harrison ,financier of Guy's Hospital ,London is a prominent example of Nepotism of Sir Astley Cooper.

Sofia Coppola ,a nepo baby of Francis Ford Coppola,a prominent figure of Hollywood is a significant example of nepotism.Few other examples of nepotism are Zoey Deutch ,Kaia Gerber , Tracee Ellis Ross , Billie Lourd, Lilly Collins etc.

OPINION : I strongly condemn the practice of nepotism.The poison of nepotism is indulging in our whole society so silently ,unware of the negative impressions and consequences which is being drawn on the lives of human beings. Our society and its values are being detiorated by the silent poison being inserted into the system with the passage of time. Like,when two persons are standing in a queue of hope . Hope to get a better oppourtunity, a hope for a bright future ahead . Among two of them,one is toiling hard for the job selection, putting his utmost efforts, spending day and night for the selection . But at the time of selection,his hard work , competence and capability is not taken into consideration. Selection of an incompetent and incapable person is done only on the base of nepotism.This will rise dissatisfaction, aggresion , anger and distrust in the mind of that hard working individual . In this way , nepotism is proved to be an act of disgust, disgrace, on the planet Earth . Nepotism can be considered not indifferent of theft or robbery. Because in this way nepotism acts to rob away chance and opportunity one can avail . This robbery will steal away all the hopes , dreams and opportunities for a bright future . In this way this kind of favouritism will push the competent and deserving person into darkness for the whole life. He will loose the trust on the system and the whole society . This will not only detiorate the personality of that individual but also ruin the whole society . That firm , organization or the system will be deprived of capable and competent person . On the other hand , the person who is hired on the basis of nepotism or relationships will not be able to perform well .

Nepotism is detiorating different nations . It not only violates the human rights of capable and competent people but also gives golden chances to incompetent and unworthy people . In this way incapable people could not perform well and fulfill the requirenment of the job. Nepotism is a sort of imaginative corruption. The embezzlement of power is to give kith and kin by granting them that position that they do not deserve. Nepotism is truly anti-nationalism and it leads to corruption as it solely based on personal likeness or loyalty instead of competance .This is because firstly, he is not capable to perform.Secondly , If he is capable to perform well ,then he will be over confident about his kinship . And he will never try to work hard .

Society is badly indulged in nepotism . Nepotism is hollowing the foundations of society day by day . Now question arises here , " Is there any way to get rid of this curse i-e nepotism? ". It's hard to reply but suggestions are there which can be applied to eradicate this curse . Applications of the interested persons for the job should be kept anonymous . In this way , when the identity and related data for the applicant is kept confidential uptill hiring . This will help reducing the practice of nepotism . This is an effective way to combat nepotism . Although ,nepotism cannot be uprooted completely . It needs a gradual and consistent strategy and a thinking of loyalty towards our country . Nepotism plays an important role in contributing to bad reputation of a country . When one is patriotic and loyal towards his country ,he will never prefer his personal family member or friend over his country . He will ever make a best choice based solely on merit to prosper that firm or organization and ultimately contribute towards the better repute of his beloved country .In short,nepotism is not acceptable in any condition.