This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Nepotism means favouring someone more than his/her capabilities.It challenges the merit of society.Nepotism is often considered immoral and unethical practice.It also shows the double standards of a society.Nepotism is even narrower form of favouritism.It is practice of favouritism based on kinship.

For example:

When the coach choosess his own kid to be the quarterback even if his kid stinks at football.The definition of nepotism is :

"Nepotism is an advantage , previlge,or position that is granted to relatives or close family friends in an occupation or field".

Most societies donot consider nepotism immoral but rather morally obligatory.We common hear about nepotism in our daily life from people such as:

1-He was considered a product of nepotism because his dad was a well-known personaility. In our society nepotism is one of the intense issue.Iissue.In nepotism we used our power or position to appoint our relatives or friends for work without focusing on their qualification and abilities over the qualified ones.It is well said by Daneil Alarcon about nepotism:

"Nepotism is the lowest and least imagination form of corruption".

It kills the merit of society and frustrates people .The administrations and institutes give priority to their relationship instead of their candidates merit,Example of nepotism in one of the most delevoped country of the world is China.It is said that :-

"In china nepotism is very common practice .For the past 3000 year nepotism has been common in China clan and extended family based culture.Confucious wrote about the importance of balancing "fillilal piety with merit".The clan based fuedal system collapsd during confucious lifetime yet nepotism has continued till the modern age".

In Soni Razdan words:-

"Nepotism is a natural thing that happens in every field".

Examples of nepotism in bussiness includes: A person who is dedicated and willing to get promotion works extremely hard to compete the merit. On the other hand, a man who doesn't works hard and is boss relative can easily get promotion without hardwork. In this way merit of a country is killed by such merit killers.

Lack of jobs for people on merit and giving opportunities to other on nepotism is really unfair and unjust to jobless,

people or people who are in a position that they deserve better.If we start hiring employess based on their skills , knowledge and experience we will see a significant difference in the production of goods.

MY POINT OF VIEW:- According to me, the end of nepotism will help us avoid administrative corruption and financial corruption. People will start trusting the government more instead of disagreeing with the government. In our country Pakistan,the authorities most alleviate corruption and nepotism by introducing a uniform procedure for appointments and carrying out regulatory checks to prevent such practices from resurging.

in my opinion, Nepotism is not bad but its unfair because it snatches away the rights of peoples. People getting favouritism donot have such guts and capabilities and mostly uses unfair means . Nepotism disappoints the young youth. People not getting their required rights becomes frustrated.. Nepotism is both boon and cure for our society. It acts as a double -edge sword if not handed properly can damage severely.

Thus, equality is the last way to overcome nepotism .In my point of view, "Nepotism isn't acceptable" and equality is necessary for the prosper of every country. Government and every institute should asure that every individual get his/her required and legal rights.

I would now like to end , with Ashok Saraf satisfying words:-

"Nepotism will never give you success, but talent can".