Favouritism in today's society

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Favouritism is a massive, worldwide issue in today's world. People are affected by favouritism worldwide whether it's not being able to find work due to people hiring family and friends to people being unable to find parental support thanks to parents paying attention to their siblings instead. School and the current living crisis can come into this as some kids are looked down upon by parental guardians due to siblings maybe getting better grades or more attention, which can cause some kids to fall into things like depression and build unhealthy relationships between kids and their family. The same issue can occur in businesses and companies as the living crisis has made it harder to find work meaning businesses will hire family or friends to work for them even if they have no experience at the type of work or they might have no work experience at all, this issue has caused more qualified people to lose out on job opportunities that could benefit both the company and the families of the people looking for the jobs since the living crisis has also increased food and living prices for families and made it harder for families to thrive.

In my opinion there is a way to solve this issue, there can be new laws introduced by the government that do not let companies hire family or friends for their jobs unless they have proper work experience in those specific companies requirements. This can cause more experienced people to get jobs that otherwise would have been given to inexperienced individuals, making more families able to afford food and the basic necessities to live and thrive in today's world and beat the living crisis. On the other hand not much can be done about favouritism in families, but there can be more places that offer help to those who need support or help with mental health and family life, it might be able to help people who are currently facing parental abuse or neglect to speak up and get the help that they might desperately need in life and could lead to better mental health, grades and overall physical happiness.