Help refugees who not only suffer from war, but also from inequality.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Right now, in the world, many wars rage. People are fighting and people are trying to flee. Some countries open their hearts and grant then safety behind their border. Others are hard hearted and selfish, so turn their backs. Refugees across the world are so desperate that they go to the furthest measures, even concluding to illegal actions such as smuggling and stowaways and many more. At least 103 million have been forced to flee their home, and only 32.5 million have come out as refugees. We need to help the other 70 million still in danger. But some people find refugees as dirty and rough, so refuse to help. They take favouritism into act, and only respect those in their country and those that are like them. I, like many others, believe that this is wrong. Everyone deserves help and anyway, people should not have to be involved in fights they cannot fight, should they? Some wish to help these defenceless individuals, though they do not know how. However, I have a proposal. What many people have not realised is that the UK is the perfect place for refugees to seek asylum! We even have charities such as the British Red Cross and UNICEF that help people in these kinds of situations. I believe that a simple solution to this worldwide problem is to keep our borders open, support those who are trying to get a home, and encourage other countries to do the same. We need to reduce that 70 million to 0 and to do that, we need all the countries to carry some weight. It will not just be the government taking out some effort, but the people could help too. It is necessary to support those in need, those who have lost loved ones, those who have seen things they cannot unsee. Instead of using non-replenishable money on high profile individuals, to give them even more of a luxury life, this money could be used for giving vulnerable people a chance, for once in their life, to live peacefully. This issue will not be tackled easily or instantly. It will take more thoughtful and kind-hearted people to open-up and help. But we can start a campaign to fix this everlasting obstacle.