Is favoritism acceptable?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Favoritism is the other side of prejudice, injustice, and giving opportunity to those who do not deserve it at the expense of those who deserve it.
For example, the owner of the company hires his children or his relatives, and the manager hires the son of a friend, even if they are not qualified for the job, just because there are acquaintances, relationships and interests that bind them.
In the end, there are those with higher experience, grades, and qualifications who are waiting for the opportunity, but because they do not get support, they lose, and those who do not deserve and understand nothing take advantage of this opportunity. . .
Favoritism is one of the most harmful concepts in society and leads to its disintegration and arouse hatred among its children, in addition to the economic and financial loss that may befall the company if a failed employee is appointed who does not understand the responsibility placed on him. . He does not know his duties.
After bringing up the topic of favoritism in the post, discussing the topic from all sides and angles, reading all the comments, and delving deeper into understanding the topic. Favoritism remains with all its names, whether it is bias, courtesy, or favouritism, and whatever society calls it, it is a crime because it is a waste of rights and erases ambition and stories of struggle, like every individual who does not have mediation such as a relative or friend who has a position or a company will stop looking for work because he knows the result. As we can see in some countries all job advertisements and interviews are fake and are just a formality
And the names of the candidates for the job are written before it is announced, and this leads to the disappointment of most job applicants when they do not succeed in the interview, and they think that they are a failure and that they are not qualified. That is why we see many young people who prefer to emigrate to other countries because they do not find an opportunity in their country to work, as they only find children of the rich class getting jobs while the poor class suffers from the bitterness of living.
That is why I repeat and repeat, whatever the purpose of using favoritism, “the end will not justify the means” and it is an injustice to many people, and there must be transparency when choosing employees and equal opportunities for all.