Is nepotism acceptable?

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Nepotism means to show a special favour to any relative by someone who is in position of power. Nepotism is explained by the following example:- If two people are equally qualified men apply for a job and the job is given to boss relative . Then it is consider as an act of nepotism.

From 1471 - 1484 sixtum IV granted many favours to member of his family , mainly his nephews . This nepotic act was carried out by his successors and in 1669 it was he subject of Gregoria Leti's book ''II nepotismo di roma'' which means the history of the popes nephews . After it nepotism began to be used in english .

In my opinion ;

Nepotism is wrong because it is just based on kinship and on choosing someone for reason other than merit. However , it's not always wrong but if it is given priority, competence and maritocracy is left behind. Even today, due to nepotism a qualified man is longing for a good job . Becuase people hire their loved ones to work with them so that they don't have to face any difficiulties in earning money and building their future. But such people do not even realize that they are playing with the rights of the people , as those who are able to do this job at this place, that work is assigned to someone who can't do this work in a better way and without any hesitation. I think competent man do that work even thousand times better than those who are hired on the basis of nepotism. A competent man studied hard to achieve a better future and become able to do any work with great acceptance of commendable respose. But nepotism shattered his future.

Can a person do a job that he is not capaable?

Obviously never. Rather this can be devastating for the job. According to my opinion, a person just do that what he able to. So , giving someone work more than his competence is completely ruin because that person may not have professional attitude or competency and he/ she may not worth for it but he is there just because of his link or relation with employeer .

some examples are here from nepotism point of view:-

Here I discuss nepotism in Pakistan , mainly . Pakistan is an islamic country and nepotism is strictly prohibited in Islam but poeple in pakistan are not given equal rights . As Muslim's biggest and valuable book Quran says:-

'' O you who believe ! stand out firmly for justice as witnesses of Allah ,even if it be against yourselves, your parents, and relativesor wether it , is against the rich or the poor.''

From Indendence day , Pakistanis always been a victim of nepotism . Infact politics of Pakistan has been used for personal benifits instead of country's interest and development. One of Pakistan's political party ''Pakistan Poeple Party '' (PPP) is the great evidence of nepotism in pakistan. PPP is run by Bhutto's family . Zulfiqar ALi Bhutto (1971 - 1977)was a great politician in or history.He led the country after the seperation of Bangladesha. He was the founder of PPP. He had a great spirit to run a country. He mostly worked for the interest of the country but due to some political reason he was hunged in the case of murder in the rule of ZIal ul Haq . After him , all sympathise of the people were with his daughter . people supported her because they thiought that she also had same spirit in politics as her father had . Eventually Benazir Bhutto (1988-1990) became prime minister. After it , it was confirmed that she also had such sipirit that helped her to handle all matters very well. She was the first lady prime minister of pakistan . No doubt , she worked very well and had same spirirt in politics as her father. Then during a political meeting she was killed . After her, her husband Asif Ali Zerdari (2008-2013) become president but here that spirit was lost because all the members of a family are not same. every one has their own vision own point of view . So, he was not doing much good as his wife worked for the country . After him , his son Bilawal Bhutto join politics in 2007. There were many other personalities in our country who were most likely to run this country with great efficiency but due to nepotism no one was able to join the party and serve for the country . Now Bilawal Bhutto is current chairman of PPP but he don't has not enough potential as his mother and father had. It is excepted that he will be the next prime minister of Pakistan just because poeple 's favouritism and nepotism . Infact there are many other personalities in Pakistan but they are not able to lead a party because no one here to support them. People just support their relatives that's totally wrong. In addition to politics although showbiz industries carried out the concept of nepotism. A talented artist face many problems to get the chance to prove himself if he has no background history related to showbiz. As we observed that most of the artists on the television have some relation with any of famous artist . That famous personality support him for grooming. In Pakistan showbiz industry one of famous artist Asif Raza Mir joined showbiz in 1993. He worked very perfectly and won the hearts of people . When his son Ahad Raza Mir want to join showbiz in 2010 he didn't find any difficuilty he directly got leading roles . But if any unknown person wants to join showbiz . It becomes very critical for him. He gets a small role after a long struggle . It's all due to nepotism . It's not stop at Ahad Raza Mir , currently his brother Adnan Raza Mir join showbiz industry and directly get a main role in drama serial. So, it's to be noted that nepotism is found in every field of life .


Some up of my disscussion is ''Nepotism is not accepted''. It's not acceptable because according to the concept of nepotism promotion is based on fouritism not on merit and it is definitely wrong. Nepotism neglecting the rights of the people . Nepotism leads a man to the way of dippression because he think that he is least of all. Nepoitism effects society very deeply and plays a devastating role for society . Due to nepotism most of highly qualified persons are job less . Nepotism also leads many social issues like corruption , poverty, ect. Nepotism proves inequality among people and our societies.So after all these problems my suggestion is "nepotism is never be acceptable'' . Every person should work hard and achieve oppurtunities on their own.