Nepotism being a form of in equality

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I think my opinion about nepotism is that it is not fair because it does not promote equality and there fore some people are neglected . For example some people may require to be given a vacancy of a job or in a ministry and so on. And because of nepotism being a form of unfairness the owner of the job or the person giving a position in the ministry only considers ;their family members and friends.

Personally, I believe that nepotism promotes dishonesty by promoting activities like bribery, bribery is done by the people who have negatively been affected by nepotism therefore they persuade to be considered by bribing may be for a job since the owners of the job cant give the job to any one apart from those whom they consider like for example their family members ,they do this because they want it to continue as a family line sort of way. And in order to let this opportunity to any one else, they usually accept bribes .

I think that nepotism can lead to hatred like in a coincidence that when people are treated unequally they might hate the person who treats them unequally, this leads to death when the hatred goes high. Nepotism is of an importance like through nepotism one who is unemployed can get employment through the favour of nepotism which is beneficial to some people who get the chance.