This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Nepotism is giving advantages or favors albeit unfairly to friends and family members especially when one is in positions of power.

This practice should find a way out of the society and the world atlarge because it causes conflicts, leads to high rates of qualified unemployed people, low self esteem especially to the job seekers, depression and high rates of corruption.

Though it has it's advantage of bringing family and friends closer, the bad side over weighs this.

Nepotism cannot be allowed to thrive for it brings with it laziness at work especially on the person who has been given the favor. Respect amongst the workmates of the 'favored' person dwindles.

With this in place, corruption to get placed in a job or training increases as people look for the chances that are being handed down to others who are not qualified.