"Nepotism is a social evil"

Nepotism is a kind of favouritism. Nepotism is the act of giving authority or honour to relatives or close friends in a proffession or department. The term comes from Italian word "nepotismo",which is based on Latin roots "nepos"meaning nephew. If we look in the Kural literature, he gave a manual for the governments and corporations, named "Valluvar"about nepotism and favouritism as "Selecting an unfit person for any job just on the basis that we know and love him will definitly lead us to countless follies. So According to the definiton nepotism is totally evil and unwise . Today nepotism is common in every aspect of life e.g politics, media, etc. According to my mind nepotism cannot be accepted. It is mostly negative as it can enhance resentment among members of team because they may feel that they are passed over for promotion just because they are not relatives or family member of that boss or employer. In my country politics had been used for personal interest rather than the country's benefit and development. If one has a glimpse on history of Pakistan, in the era of Sikandar Mirza who was the governor general of Pakistan in 1955. He replaced five ministers within the span of three years from 1955 to 1958. He replaced Mohammad Ali Bogra from Prime Minister Ship,after the creation of the second Legistive Assembly. After Mohammad Ali Bogra he selected Chaudhry Mohammad Ali as a Prime Minister but within one year he was also replaced by Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi then he was replaced by Ibrahim Ismail Chandigarh. Ater two years he was also replaced by Malik Feroze Noon. Sikandar Mirza had a softcorner for these peoples. But cost of that favouritism\nepotism was paid by country. This incident was a shame for country. The world without nepotism will be perfect. There should be equality because equqlity is the solution of nepotism.