Nepotism is not a blessing, but rather a problem.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The stand point I think is a natural right. Today, I will present my stand point on the subject of nepotism presented to us by topical talk festival. Favoritism is unfair and unfair to many successful graduates. When I hire someone who has no experience but is my relative, it is unfair. If we do this thing, the country will be ruined. Favoritism is a problem that the world suffers from. Many unemployed people would like a job opportunity. While there are the pampered children of celebrities sitting behind desks they don't have to sit at. I feel sad when I see an engineer or a doctor who has worked hard and worked in a field other than his, just because he wants to earn a living. This is a problem that must be solved in unemployment now more than before because of nepotism. If I were a manager or a business owner, I would not hire any of my relatives without doing an interview with him, which means a job test and making sure that he has experience for this job. If not, I will not hire him because there are people who are more deserving of this job than him. I wish I could hire all the people who don't work. Some managers hire their relatives without checking whether they have experience or not, just because they know each other. And there are managers who do not hire people with black skin or the disabled, as nepotism is also related to racism. I wish the state could prevent nepotism so that everyone would have the opportunity to work and the state would grow and excel. I have a solution, which is to prevent the employment of any person who has a relationship with the director without conducting an employment test for him. Employing the largest number of workers, as you can see, is a problem that prevents people from obtaining justice and equality. I hope that every successful and tired graduate gets a job opportunity. Because the decision to prevent nepotism is in favor of the state and its progress.
that is my stand point .
Share your opinion about it, guys.