Nepotism: To where?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Nepotism: To where?

Nepotism is giving family or friend unfair advantage over others. It's a phenomenon which has increased those days in which stealing the right of hiring and having jobs from those who are more qualified.

Why nepotism?

People love their families and friends and try to give them support. So when they are in power, they do an illegal effort to let them be hired or be chozen for a special thing. Here, I think nepotism starts. They just think to let their beloved ones reach a better place. For example, sons and daughters of actors and directors who find it's easy to enrolled in the media and film world because of their parents' connections and friends.

Nepotism and society

Should nepotism be avoided and prevented?

In my opinion, nepotism should be banned because it's a disease to the society's progress and welfare. It's for the sake of society to put the right person in the right place. Otherwise, corruption will prevail. In fact, it leads to brain drain, the loss of confidence in society's institutions, and The spread of despair and depression over citizens.

Rules against nepotism

Governments should take serious actions toward nepotism. Institutions should make candidates fill anonymous applications so only qualified ones are chosen. Institutions should detect nepotism and prevent it. Besides, teaching children the importance of justice and quality should start from early age.

Did you like my standpoint? Do you agree with me?