Nepotism unacceptable

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Nepotism is the act of showing special and unfair favour to family and friends by those who have power such as giving them a job, providing more chances or increasing their pay and benifits. Nepotism is something when employees are treated immoral and dishonesty by the people who are in power of giving promotion and taking employment decissions. One prominent sign of nepotism is that unqualified people are getting hired for jobs that require years of experience and educational qualification. This happens when the hired person is a family member or a friend of the higher authority. Nepotism is type of corruption but it happens for the simple reason that humans are social and emotional beings. It is prevelant because a person given more importance to kinship them to logalty. Nepotism is particularly convinced in countries or organization where strict rules and are not followed. Most societies, particularly in the historical views, have not considered nepotism immoral but rather marally demanded, indeed, most have not a term like "nepotism" to refer unfair preferance for your own relation.

In my opinion nepotism is bad for our society. A nepotism have negative effects on employee morale, respect, trust and productively. For one thing, if eployees feel like their workplace promotes the idea of inquality, they will be less motivated to work. So far, I have discussed about why people against nepotism? Now if imagine yourself applying for a job in a company. You possess all qualifications and skills which make you perfect choice for the role. You are about to get the offer but, another condidate say "A" comes and he turned out to be a relative of company's director. Even you had everything in your favour, you lost the the offer. Why? Just because "A" was a relative and given priority over you. How a person feel in that situation? According to my mind it is complete injustice. Such types of nepotism goes on Bollywood, politics, government jobs and many other places etc. I am not saying that the other peperson can not be telented but, he should be judged like everyone else. Giving priority and selecting relatives in bollywoods and politics like Suraj pancholi, Athiya, Shetty, prateek Babbar etc a well-known media persons of bollywood industry.

In politics and all other fields, nepotism are found. Our industry is full of nepotism. Everyone want his/her son daughter ,wife, brother and other family members take part in industry if they are talented or not. In this way untalented people got no chance to show their own talent. In our showbiz industry of pakistan, Zaviyar Nowman Ijaz who is the son of Noman Ijaz appears in several television series. People considered him as a product of nepotism as his father has a huge name in Pakistan industry. In his one post he said that "yes he is a nepo-kid". In that post he also said that one day he'ill prove that audeince worng. He is getting roles in dramas due to his talent not just from his fathers fame. As he has proved himself as a good actor or good addition in showbiz industry as a new talent. There are many other examples in our daily life and in our past history that show nepotism.