The Inequality In Favouritism

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Nepotism is the favouritism of relatives by a person in power. This topic is important to me because of the increased rate of it in my country (Nigeria). To my own point of view, nepotism is when a person not qualified for an opportunity is favoured to have that opportunity because he has 'connection'.
The act of nepotism is a form of corruption and it poses great danger on individuals and the society at large. Hence, it creates a vast imbalance between the privileged and less privileged.
Acts of nepotism could occur in situations like;
When change in power wants to occur in a political system, the present leader will surely nominate a relative and make him win the election at all cost, whereas the nominee might not be efficient when other people competent for the post are there.
Another act of nepotism is the favouritism of boys over girls, because of the belief that girls are inferior.
A similar scenario of favouritism of boys over girls occurred when I was aspiring for the post of the class representative in my junior college, the second contestant was a boy and I a girl, my class teacher was the one to interview and conduct the election. The election took place and it was peaceful, very obvious that I won the election. Unfortunately, because of the act of nepotism the teacher portrayed, the election I won was forfeited.

Effects of nepotism includes;
Firstly, hatred growing in the hearts of the affected. The low class tend to hate people in the high class more because they think that they do not get the recognition they deserve due to the act of nepotism. This act of hatred could lead to violence sometimes.
Secondly, nepotism could lead to the ignorance of in-built talents of young people, if these people are not allowed to unleash their talents in the positive way they could make use of it to increase the crime rate of the society and they could resort to social vices like frauding, cybercrime, moral decadence and so on.
Thirdly, Nepotism could lead to decrease in the self esteem of young people. These people that are cheated often think that they are not worth being alive or doing anything greater than they think. It could make them resort to commiting suicide.
Lastly, the nepo-babies will take the post or opportunity given to them for granted, they will also want to trample on the rights of others as they been taught by their parents.

Ways by which Nepotism can be prevented includes:
Parents allowing their children to pass through the same stage other children did. This could help promote equality. I currently run an advocacy program on this in my school where I have the access to talk to 500 students at the same time because, I believe students grow to be adults.