Festival topics

Between April 10th and May 26th, young people took part in Topical Talk Festival 2023. They joined global conversations about different issues in the news with peers from around the world and heard from leading topic experts.

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There are six discussion topics for Festival 2023. Take a look at the details below!

Earth Day Topic Picture

Earth Day: tougher climate laws?

The United Nations has described climate change as “the largest, most pervasive threat to the natural environment and societies that the world has ever experienced”. However, a lot of the power to protect the planet lies within people’s lifestyle choices. So where should the balance be between choice and tougher laws when it comes to curbing the “climate crisis”?

Publish date: April 3rd

Festival 2 - Headline Topic Images - Metaverse

The metaverse: a new realm to rule?

Experts from The Economist newspaper have predicted that 2023 will be “the year of the metaverse”. But as more people establish themselves in the virtual world, big questions are beginning to arise. Should people in the metaverse be held to the same standards as in the real world? What rules should there be? And most importantly, who should have the power to decide?
Publish date: April 10th

Festival 2 - Headline Topic Images - Strikes

Strikes: should they be allowed?

What do teachers, doctors, airport staff and postal workers have in common? Strikes. And when people ‘down’ tools, it can cause big problems. So why are so many people around the world choosing to stop working in 2023? What different perspectives are there on the issue? And above all, should everyone be allowed to strike?

Publish date: 17th April

Festival 2 - Headline Topic Images - Coronation

King Charles III’s coronation: royalty in the modern world

In May, the front-page news in the UK will no-doubt share scenes from the coronation of the king and the queen consort – and news of the new king will undoubtedly reignite old discussions about the role of royalty. So what do global royals do? And is there a place for royals in the modern world?

Publish date: 24th April

Festival 2 - Headline Topic Images - AI and the arts

AI and the arts

Around the world, there is an exciting buzz about an important topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI). And big questions have been raised about the impact it is having on the arts. For example, is someone who uses AI to create something an artist? Will AI make human artists more or less important? And should AI be allowed to produce images and music that’s closely based on someone else’s work?

Publish date: May 1st

Festival 2 - Headline Topic Images - Nepotism

Equality: is nepotism acceptable?

Many people would be happy to admit they support their families – but is it possible to give family members too much help? Nepotism in the news is on the rise. And as the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in the world widens, family privilege is becoming more noticeable. So should people be allowed to help their family members to succeed? When does support become nepotism? And are some situations more acceptable than others?

Publish date: May 8th