Beyond the royal crown

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Beyond the royal crown.... A crown of gold and diamonds is expensive and luxurious. It makes us wish to be kings. The life of luxury that they lead. These are people's thoughts about the life of kings. They did not wear the crown to see how heavy and uncomfortable it was. Those responsibilities need a great person to bear them, such as Interest in the people's opinions, the economic development of the state, social relations and a good image. All of these may be none of the responsibilities of kings, as we do not see the negatives hidden behind the shining crown, but rather we swim in a sea of imagination in the beauty of their lives. This was my childhood dream... But it seems that dreams do not look like reality, because the king must be perfect, in their lives there is no room for error And do not forget the attempt to satisfy several parties, such as a peace treaty between them and another country. The people may not see that it is great. Rather, they object if they find a defect in it that they do not understand its purpose. It may contribute to raising the state’s economy, and I remind you of the worst things, family struggle over power, because family love is more precious than anything. And I do not imagine the grief of a person who lost him. I do not want to disappoint you with my words, but not every king is a king. It is a word whose owner should know its meaning and delve into it to be an example and a legend in the world of kings. He is characterized by justice and fairness. He does not sleep without checking the conditions of his people who sleep without food and care. Youth ideas and their use to improve the state and spread positive values and good behavior among everyone, for that is a country that has surpassed itself and proved to the world how unique and unique it is with the presence of a king who deserved his title.