This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The coronation of King Charles is a very important theme because there is not a coronation in the UK since 70 years.

Many people think that have a king is not useful because they support that it is important to elect who will represent us , and other important point that support people who don´t want a king is that the king gain a lot of money without doing anything , also some people support that monarchies are obsolete.

In my opinion, to have a king is very important to have a figure who doesn´t take political decisions and is not inflated by any way of thinking is very important. If we elect the person who will represent us is very probable that this person is not prepared enough to take a very important responsibility.

If the king didn´t do anything kings wouldn´t exist because if we have removed a lots of obsolete things like absolutist monarchy , why whe have not removed monarchies , this is the reason why monarchy is so useful.

The final point I want to debate is that in republican countries monarchy doesn't exist because in historical moments they have remoted if, the cause that for example France is a republican countries is because there were an absolutist monarchy during a lot of time so French people decided to remove the king but in countries like England who was the first in introduce a parliamentary monarchy , why are they going to remove something that goes in a good direction.

In summary in my opinion have a person who represent the country is very important in nowadays.