My opinion of the monarchy

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

There is no doubt the monarchy is one of the most controversial subjects in the world. Should the UK still have a monarchy? I think not. The only thing the monarchy actually does anymore is get significant amounts of money from taxes and earn some money back from tourism. That is why I believe the government should remove the the monarchy and instead use the different palaces as tourist attractions and mueseums where you can walk through and see historical royal uniforms and other outfits. I would argue that the monarchy has no power for change they are purely ornamental in terms of authority and control in our country. They are required to remain politically neutral and cannot comment on the most important issues affecting our country. how can a monarchy so powerless be deemed still relevant?

Despite having no power they do have influence on some important issues. But, this influence is not based on their knowledge, hardwork or ability but on instead being born into a specific family that gives them automatic influence over our society. Realistically, how can those who are not impacted by the issues they discuss really have any influence on the society they're meant to represent.

The monarchy should be part of the past not the present or future. They are assosiated with slavery, murder, greed, inequality and entitlement. All of these have been publicly condemned when related to other groups. The removal of historical statues,artifacts and publicationshas been prevelant in the news and media in recent years. This condemnation has not been applied to the to the monarchies historical activities of a similar nature. It is time a more realistic and equatible approach is taken to the relevance and appropriateness of what the current monarchy represents about the past.