My opinion on the monarchy.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

There is no doubt that the monarchy are outdated and are getting useless by the day. The British monarchy may have the longest history as the first monarch was crown in 1066. Is there really a point in keeping them around? We have the government to deal with all the political business since the monarchy have to stay politicly neutral. All they do is sit there and claim taxpayers' money, adding on riches upon riches while their veterans are sleeping on the streets struggling physical, mentally and emotionally. I mean, they spent £250,000,000 on a single day occasion. People say it’s exciting having a new monarch but personally I think they should have gotten rid of the monarchy after Queen Elizabeth ll’ death. They are just getting outdated. At this point, they are just ceremonial, to put it lightly. Only an extremely small minority of the country and the globe have actually met the monarch.

But there are always two sides to an arguments.

Some people might argue that the monarchy are amazing because they help the country. They make allies which will help us in times war but they won’t allow the sending of more equipment like weaponry to help Ukraine defeat the Russians in their war.If they don’t allow the sending of weaponry to Ukraine, they might lose the war and lose their country again, like they did several decades ago when the Soviet Union was around.

Anyways, the monarchy are just not needed, the don’t do anything they just sit there.

So I say we should abolish the monarchy.