Royalty in the modern world

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I am going to talk about the relevance of the monarchy in the modern world.

I think it would be important to talk about this topic because it is important for us to know how and who rules our country, and how it will continue in the future.

Recently the coronation of Charles III took place in England, where a parlamentary monarchy rules. To begin to talk about this subject we must know what a monarchy consists of, it consists of the head of state being a person, a king or a queen.

From this events, two opinions come out among the people, the first of it is that the monarchy does not have much relevance in today's world and in England it should have ended with the death of Queen Elizabeth II. These people think that the head of state should be chosen by the people and not because you were born into a royal family, they also say that a king or queen does not have much relevance, as they do not have much power, the only thing they do is represent the country. As a result os the coronation of Charles III, people also think that they should not have spent so much money to make this event. Other people disagree about this, and say that the monarchy and kings do have importance in the modern world, apart from having a coronation attracts a lot of tourists.

My point of view is that the monarch has its importance, but a king is not very relevant either, since he does not have as much power as he had before. A country cannot be governed by a person who has been born into royalty, he should be elected by the people. It is better for a country to be governed by a parliamentary monarchy since the greatest power is taken by the government, elected by the people. And that the king is the representative of his country infront of other leaders and he gets benefits for his own country.