ROYALTY in the modern world

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.



The King Charles III is the son of late Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth II died on 8th of the September, 2022. Elizabeth II's death gave acced to Charles as heir of her throne. On 6th of the May, 2023 the king Charles coronation took place, at Westminster Abbey in London. He is the first new Monarch of Britain in 73 years.

Any king acts as a focus for national identity.

The modern monarchy just like the monarchy of british, known as constitutional monarchy. He is the head of state but the ability of making and passing legislation is under elected parliament.


Many countries are under kingdom now, just like; Brunie, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The modern age needs kings and royalty in the way to, set an example of how to make the world a better place by being role models, they can inspire all people to have traits that are considered royal, like good moral values, generosity, courtesy and compassion.

No matter how much modern our world has become? Almost everyone still shows interest to have a glimpse of royal world. Royals lives are till now worth-watching and inspiring. Royalty is the representive model of traditions and customs of old age.


Democracy also have much more benefits than kingdom as in democracy the president is elected by public, not came to power by himself (or his parents). In democracy the rules should be followed by the president but in kingdom a king can do anything he wants.

Monarchies are the head of the states but the laws passing ability is only in parliament's hand, who is elected by public.

My opinions:

In my opinion, In place of kings royalty their should be monarchies reign. Monarchies are the best one as they have the soverigenty but they can't use it for evils or for breaking laws. As a monarchy can't make a law or can't pass a law.

I also think that it should be a rule to get rid of the monarchy who breaks a law or rule. My other thinking is that there should also be elections by public to choose a monarchy. He should be the one who has the qualities of justice, equity and honesty. He should remain monarchy till the death but with the condition of being faithful in his qualities which has given him the mornachiship. Also then, if he done any evil, he should be remit from his leadership by order of the judge of that country.

It will be the best option as there will be the king to represent old tradition and reign his era as well as the president who will be dismiss from his seat if he done evil. The rules will also be in parliament's hands.