Why the monarchy is our country's greatest asset!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I strongly believe that the monarchy are undoubtably one of the greatest assets to the United Kingdom to date. Firstly, the Royal Family are extremely traditional, with thousands of iconic events such as King Charles III and Princess Diana’s wedding, the Prince and Princess of Wales’s wedding and King Charles III and Camilla’s wedding. Unfortunately, there have been colossal, televised events including Princess Diana’s funeral and Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Even though these tragic funerals can be distressing, people from all across the globe can watch history unfold before their very eyes. Secondly, the monarchy are a fundamental part of our society because there have been 1,152 years of Kings and Queens, and there is no other country in our massive world that has a monarchy as grand as we have.

Moving on, our astonishing Royal Family completes numerous amounts of charity work which has had amazing benefits on our society and made it what it is today. Examples of this awe-inspiring work incorporate helping girls realise their worth, assisting Cancer Research, supporting elderly and retired people, and numerous other incredible charities.

However, on a more controversial note, I heavily trust that Meghan Markle has portrayed the royal family to be particularly negative. Meghan has made herself the centre of attention, although it has backfired on her as she has received a load of backlash. She has cause a horrific amount of havoc within the royal family and I believe this needs to be looked into further!

Lastly, the monarchy are extremely valuable to us as they could potentially produce economic benefits. The institution raise the favourability of our nation and this will make tourist attraction achievable.

In conclusion, all of these reasons are why I believe The Royal Family are a great asset to our country