Why the monarchy should be abolished.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The monarchy embodies inherited wealth, unaccountable

power and is incredibly outdated. Money is thrown away and

spent on unnecessary luxuries such as golden carriages and

expensive clothing. Throughout the past few years more and

more people are suffering due to the cost of living crisis and

need support with the help of food banks and social workers.

Food bank usage is at an all time high, the NHS are on their

knees, homelessness has rapidly increased and energy bills

have almost doubled in the past year. In my opinion the

monarchy are egocentric and immoral towards citizens as they

don't empathise with us, as seen above. The monarchy live

lavish lives and are privileged to be born into the family, they

don't benefit us as a country. Millions of pounds a year are

wasted when they could go to charities and organisations that

can provide resources to help people such as food vouchers

and safe housing. In comparison to the royals we are

struggling to afford to live and having to choose between eat or


All over the country, people are striking for better pay,more

staff,correct equipment, funding and a better working

environment. Wages haven't gone up in the past decade whilst

interest rates are at a 4.5% increase, why is this continuing?

The coronation approximately cost us (tax payers) 100 million

while thousands of people are dying of starvation. Money is an

ever growing problem yet it's never discussed when throwing a

party for the rich. Personally I believe we should abolish the

monarchy and use their unearned money for NHS

equipment,resources for schools/workplaces and benefits for

those who need them.

Historically the royal family have been involved in many events

such as colonisation and stealing other cultural objects that are

now on display in national history museums. This shows that

the monarchy are greedy and don't take into consideration

other peoples cultures and feelings. They own 3 residences in

the United kingdom while working class young people struggle

to obtain one mortgage. Overall this is wasteful as they spend

the majority of their time in Buckingham palace. These

buildings could be used for social housing to give the homeless

people a safe place to stay. More than 1300 people died in

2022 due to living on the streets. In conclusion I think we

should abolish the monarchy and use people's taxes to help the