Meet our... Festival topics!


Over the next seven weeks we will bring you a selection of topics that will give you the opportunity to learn, ask questions and have your say.

When following the news, it's important to stay up-to-date. That's why some of our topics will come from ‘BREAKING NEWS’ – the latest news events from around the world. Watch this space!

The topics for this Topical Talk Festival are:

  • Festival2-Icon-Topic-ClimateChoices-Orange

    Earth Day: tougher climate laws?

  • Festival2-Icon-Topic-Metaverse-Orange

    The Metaverse: a new realm to rule?

  • Festival2-Icon-Topic-Strikes-Orange

    Strikes: should they be allowed?

  • Festival2-Icon-Topic-Corination-Orange

    King Charles III’s coronation: royalty in the modern world

  • Festival2-Icon-Topic-BreakingNews-Orange


  • Festival2-Icon-Topic-Neopotism-Orange

    Equality: is nepotism acceptable?