Benefits and challenges on using Metaverse

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


By using metaverse one can literally learn to do than just absorbing.

In terms of education, students around the world can learn any topic or subject without any barrier, irrespective of their location.

Business people can sell their brands globally.


Due to metaverse technology, authentication factor of an individual can become a challenging task as there are high chances of many forgery activities to fake one's identity. So more advanced verification methods need to be developed for better and safe verification.

Initially, when one starts to use metaverse, they can't have sense of time, as how long they are in that virtual world. So sometime constraints should be leived to make sure that an individual will not be spending so much time.

The main threat about metaverse is that the younger generation who are to use this will be involved in more of the virtual world and would not bother much about the real world.

The pricing of VR plays a major role as it is very expensive, that everyone can't afford to get it. Also spending more time in it, will lead to eyesight problems and mental illness.