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1️⃣Metavirus is a big topic and I can't talk about it I'll give what's important about it...

2 ️⃣ Metaverse is: the internet in the future.. with the best developments.

3 ️⃣ One of its positives: facilitating human life, for example, a mother will be able to work while she has peace of mind for her children.... Reducing unemployment.

4 ️⃣ And one of its negatives: the loss of its users the ability to communicate with the real world and deal with it. Some people may become addicted to Metavirus.

5 ️⃣ The Metaverse brings together people from around the world for a specific purpose.... As we are gathered here from different countries and different educational stages... so that each one of us raises the name of his country, school or place of education.

6️⃣Although the Metaverse can make our lives easier, we also have to be careful and careful when using it, because it is possible that programmers will soon lose control of it, which could lead to the extinction of humanity. Frankly, I would not like to be replaced by a robot.

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