This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The metaverse is a new type of technology that is supposed to make the next step in the internet. Mark Zuckerburg is co-creating this with Google. Mark Zuckerburg says “Actually building it is a lot harder — but that's what we're doing because we believe the metaverse is the future of computing”. Whereas I think it is the next down step due to the fact that it is shown in places like China and Tokyo that they are the most lonely. This is down to that they have long working hours and they escape at the end of the day to vr headsets and the metaverse to escape.


The metaverse is amazing. You can explore many different worlds and meet new people, make friends, meet new family but you may lose track of time in the real world. You can also make avatars design dream houses going into the alleyways and places that you usually go without taking a step forward. Also the educational perspectives and experiences that can make learning more engaging and immersive are amazing as you can do different science experiments, visit exhibits in museums and attend virtual classes and workshops.


There are many downsides to the metaverse such as privacy concerns, online safety and addiction and overuse. Starting with privacy concerns, to use the metaverse, headsets and apps it needs a lot of ID, and parental advice if you are a child. All of this information is collected by google and the metaverse and all of their shareholder companies. Next is online safety, the metaverse encourages you to meet all kinds of people including nice people and people that you don’t know who may have malicious intent or behaviour. And finally addiction and overuse, spending too much time in the metaverse can lead to addiction or forgetting about responsibilities such as schoolwork, physical activity, and face-to-face interactions. It's important to find a balance and set healthy limits on metaverse usage.


In conclusion I am concerned about the metaverse due to the fact that when you line up the positives and negatives there are way more negatives than positives due to that google and the metaverse want way too much from you such as information and to make friends with people you don’t to.