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The metaverse is a place with high positivity or low positivity. The metaverse is mainly found in vr on some of the major sets such as oculus. There are many games you can find on the metaverse. The most popular game on tablets,iphones and computers is probably Fortnite,minecraft and roblox.

You probably know about the connection being very annoying but with the vr headset there is…. Still no connection, it is still running on wifi and it is still very annoying.Now let's talk about the tablet. The tablet is another platform which you can play on in android and ios. There is much more of a variety of games on the tablet.The thing about the metaverse is that once you play it for a while, you get addicted and then your eyes start to go bad and then you would have to see a doctor.As you can see these are the main platforms in the metaverse

Question: do you think there should be a ruler, if yes, who?

The metaverse has a lot more games than the picture above.The are just some of the main platforms that are in the wide variety of games in the metaverse.Also the metaverse can have connection problems just as any other platform does.There are also a lot of consoles that can be plate on such as playstation and xbox.The tablet can be easier to use because most games on the tablet is just are tapping games.The place where everyone gets games on a tablet is on the app store which you can search to get the game you want.The metaverse isa place where you could find good words or bad words.The metaverse is a very fun place in my opinion.