the metaverse

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The metaverse actually is a very new and innovative invention which generally is set to revolutionise video games and online conversations, is quite significant. Mark Zuckerberg for the most part has said, “I believe the metaverse is for all intents and purposes the next chapter of the universe.” But what about the rules and regulations, we ask. Are rules even necessary?

While some people may say that we need them , others argue that it definitely is a game and we specifically do not need them. Although the metaverse in particular is a fairly new concept, many people actually say it kind of is the future of technology, generally contrary to popular belief. It essentially is estimated to essentially be worth 3 billion dollars by 2030 in a way. However, there also needs to be a discussion about if there will generally be rules or not. Rules would make the game more like real life with jobs, money etc, which is quite significant. although it could mean that not that kind of people would play it because they use it as an escape from reality not an alternative, contrary to popular belief. On the other hand, pretty many people could definitely exploit the game if there for the most part are no rules, especially if it gets to the point where there for the most part is a currency, which mostly is quite significant. There literally is a for all intents and purposes higher chance of there being bullying or assault in a major way. There could also really be a pretty much higher rate of privacy breaches and security issues in a subtle way. This could essentially be damaging to both meta (the company who owns the metaverse) and the other players.

In conclusion, I believe that there should be rules and regulations to the metaverse for the safety and enjoyment of the other players. I specifically believe that there should also be a ban on any players that breach these rules, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. If there isn’t it could mostly be damaging to the company and people’s mental health. However, I also believe we should definitely remain neutral and keep open minds to what other people think