The Metaverse

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The metaverse is a world inside virtual reality where you could do anything you like to. This will be a bad influence because young people could access this and see horrible things online and be affected by the older people that are also experiencing this virtual reality experience. Therefore such things as adults complaining about what their child has been experiencing and what has been doing online without them knowing about it. This could also end up in destroying the internet and could end up impacting lots of adults and children.

The metaverse could have a positive way on how it might impact our future or the future of the internet. This could end up in us being able to visit places that we will have not been able to visit exactly from home and experience the real thing that some people could never experience inside the real world. However this could affect us in a negative way because some examples of bad things that can happen inside the metaverse could cause data collection from younger people online and tell them your data information thinking that it will most likely be a good thing and also this could also lead to young children spending money on online currencies that could lead to a possible scam online and end up having no money. Some other reasons are impersonation,identity theft, fraud and system outages said by the make use of

My opinion on the metaverse is that it should not be allowed to anyone under the age of 16 because of a lot of horrible things that adults could do to people younger than them who do not know how to be safe online and lead someone like the police getting involved and this being a huge problem and many bad behaviours by young people. However it is really great and futuristic and allows people to do things that they always wished to do but cannot afford to do. Though this could be controlled by someone like the government so no one does anything too bad. So someone could control the behaviour of people basically like a better version of the current internet.