What Is The Metaverse?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The metaverse has been around for ages (over 30 years) however it’s only now getting more attention as people believe that this project could change the world. The metaverse is like an online world where you can walk around and chat with other people using your own meta character. In order to play in the metaverse you will need a virtual reality headset and a meta account (which can be made on the app itself). People are so interested in this meta project because they believe that it could bring us a whole new perspective of life and rumours even say that people could do things such as go shopping through their own virtual reality headset!

Firstly, the Metaverse will cause many people to become overweight as they would eventually forget about their own health and safety and it is very possible that they may even lose track of time as they get fully immersed in the new world. Another of metaverse’s negatives is that people will lose their jobs as everything that they can do, the metaverse will most likely do better and more efficiently.

However, the Metaverse does have some positives and one of them is that people could do anything they want from home. This includes things such as shopping, socialising and many more. Many famous celebrities such as Gucci, Snoop Dogg, Justin Beiber have invested in the company meaning that you could watch their events or concerts online!

In my opinion I believe that we should shut down the metaverse immediately as it may have more negatives than positives. It is our responsibility to take action now before it starts to affect our future generations. I am 100% certain that the world's obesity and laziness will increase by around 35% which is obviously very unhealthy. It is also very possible that this could also be the end of the homosapien (human) species and more than half of the internet believes that we won’t benefit from this. If we get rid of our jobs, then how will people get paid in order to survive? How will we evolve? How will we show our future generations what our Earth used to look like? Eventually people will lose track of time and many people will develop some sort of social anxiety because they will stop communicating with real people in the outside world like real homosapiens (humans) should do.