Why the metaverse might be really great and bad

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The metaverse is an excellent idea with many apps and files but lurking under the surface is something dark and sinister which is easy to access and I am talking about why the metaverse is a bad idea and like I said there are many and they also have so many illegal things. Also the metaverse is similar to modern internet because it has similar good things and bad things and it’s not good for your mental and physical health. Playing a game for hours on end is bad because it is all fictional and once you go into the real world you will feel sad.

But even if all the things said in the last paragraph are bad there are also huge positives like for now doctors and engineers can have life-li operations in vr which is good because in the future there might be less surgical deaths due to being trained in vr. Another example engineers can have a fully labelled machine or different gadget which is great because inventing new things will be so great. The metaverse is not only good at those things I said but with the advancements of AI we will be able to create games with advanced AI that learns from its mistakes. 1 last thing why the metaverse is a good thing is that we will be even more connected and we can record more breakthroughs in high quality but that can also be a bit bad but that’s not the point.

In conclusion I think the metaverse is actually really good and really bad and that is unfortunate with the metaverse because it’s a very good idea but with a very bad community and reputation from the companies on wanting to control everything it becomes a very effective propaganda tool because most of the people there will be 9 - 21 years old and when the rich people and governments get control of basically a new version of the internet the whole point and purpose of the metaverse will just flip all the qualities and good things of the metaverse upside down and the metaverse has basically has no reason to exist because i said we still have the internet. To conclude this paragraph It’s an idea that is really good and really bad but should stay an idea.