Bosses shouldn't hold Complete Power over Workers!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Strikes create a balance of power between bosses and the workers due to the weight of the workforce. Without the threat of a countermeasure, it is all the more likely for a manager to become tyrannical. Workplaces are already reluctant to spend on extra measures such as decent equipment and safety in the workplace, as well as facilities for special allocations such as adjustments for those with disabilities, provisions for those with multi faith requirements and spaces for different genders. In the majority of situations, it is not the case that the companies do not have the money to supply these demands, but contrarily, it is their avariciousness which consumes their judgement. It is vital that these Freedom rights are accessible for workers, as in this modern era, work should be inclusive for all.

Moreover, key issues such as excessive hours devastate the employee. For example, in England, A recent study has found that two-thirds of UK employees are overworking by an average of 6.3 hours per week. Startlingly, the report, which surveyed more than 1,400 UK employees, found that more than one in five admitted to putting in 10 hours of unpaid work in a week. For an average 40-hour week, those employees are giving an extra 25% in hours for free. These workers have not been doing extra hours voluntarily. It is because the workplace holds the power in the situation, as people are frightened at the prospect of losing their jobs, and the workload is unbearable. Consequently they are giving extra time and effort attempting to meet unrealistic expectations placed on them by management.

In summary, a dictator relationship between manager and employee can escalate dramatically to having devastating effects that can lead to severe mistreatment of the staff and take the form of modern slavery. If the workers of today can not afford to pay their energy bills, work healthy hours, and have their human rights adhered to, then surely they need to be able to take industrial action and STRIKE!