Emergency services

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Everyone should not be able to strike, especially emergency service workers because of one reason. If there are no emergency services then who is going to save those who are in danger? Those who work in emergency services may say, “They aren’t paying us fairly!” Well if they aren’t paying you fairly then ask the government to increase your wages. You can resign if you want to and find a better job, but there should be no reason for you to be going on strike when there are those in the city or the countryside that need emergency services. It is a fact that a city can not run without emergency services. Imagine this, emergency service workers start to go on strike this could affect the city's economy or even the land value of the city. Land value is the value of a specific place, for example a house. People will complain that their land is not worth as it was before. So, those people might go on strike. So, if the emergency services go on strike. Summing everything I just said, a whole of other different types of things can happen. If we would like to prevent strikes, the supervisors of these emergency service workers would have to increase wages of the emergency service workers. In my opinion, anywhere that allows emergency services to go on strike would go into full chaos. Without police, roads would be alone and full with people doing things that would have been illegal if police were there. Examples: jaywalking, fighting random pedestrians, and speeding. If there was no police, people could get into serious accidents. Next is, Paramedics, if there is no one to help those who are sick they will die. It is sad that these people who work in emergency services would like to strike, especially paramedics. Lastly, the firefighters, if there are no firefighters there to help out those whose houses accidentally caught on fire. People could succumb and in my opinion it would be the firefighters who went on strike’s fault. In conclusion, my opinion is that emergency services workers should not be allowed to go on strike because people who commit crimes are going to hurt others, those who are sick succumb because there is no one treating them, lastly people can succumb if there is no help in a serious emergency with fire.