Should it be allowed?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

A strike is the temporary cessation of work by employees until their demands are met, for several reasons, the most important of which are:
1- Abuse to which the employee is exposed while performing work.
2- Claiming a salary increase.
3- Objecting to laws or rules that do not serve the employee.
4- Claim living and health insurance for the worker.
There are many other reasons.
The strike if it has benefits, the most important of which are:
1_a means that the worker expresses his rights and claims.
2- Stop the abuse and injustice to which the worker is exposed.
However, its disadvantages may outweigh its benefits:
1_ Depriving an employee of his job and expelling him from it.
2- Stopping work for several days and disrupting people's interests, especially if the employee works in a sensitive job such as (emergency or doctor), you can imagine the number of patients who will be in danger because of the striking employee.

Or another example. If the policeman goes on strike, the number of crimes will increase and other examples.
In my opinion, is the strike permissible or not?
No one can deny the right of the employee and the worker because just as he has duties and responsibilities, he also has rights that must be preserved and not compromised.
The idea of ​​a strike is not a bad idea, but the method of implementation is bad (a strike is neither a war nor a battlefield).
The worker has the right to strike after all roads were closed in his face and he tried by all peaceful means to convey his problem and no one listened to him, but the strike will not succeed if it is carried out indiscriminately. in an uncontrolled manner.
The employer can dismiss employees and hire other employees, thus the employee loses his salary and livelihood.
Let us say with all sincerity that striking is permissible and a right that no one can deny, but it is the last option, not the first.
Let the first step be peaceful, so the first responsibility lies with the employers. There must be a language of dialogue and discussion between the employees and the manager. Let's follow the open door policy, but rationally, so that we can reduce the gap between the employee and the employer. Listening to employees is the way to solve the problem.
Because the reason behind the strike is always the unjust laws against the employee. If those laws are looked at and changed to serve the employee, we will shorten a large part of the way.