Should strike be allowed?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Strikes are a recurring issue with schools striking,trains,nhs,etc.They are all for very important reasons and should be allowed.People such as teachers work hard,have to plan lesson,deal with children and don’t get paid near enough money and not only is this a problem for the teachers (not having enough money to pay rent,food etc).It's also a problem schools and don’t getting enough funded for good equipment meaning that kids can’t get the education they need.This why we should strike instead of just waiting around for the

government to change his mind.

Even though striking is very important for the workers.What about the chaos?As we know strikes don’t just affect one person or one group of people it affects everyone in the area.This is why they are anti-strikers because not only does people day to day life it affects the people that do want work and get paid and can’t.So even though striking is very important for some people it can be a massive problem for others.This is why when striking they have to think carefully when and who is striking.On the other hand,they many people that think striking are very and people should be striking more often to get the government of actually hear they problems.But all of these are reasons that you can’t just strike when u want to and that actually there's so much planning and thinking when it comes to workers striking.

In my personal opinion I think that strikes are very important and should be allowed.The workers' salaries are too low and should be raised.Not only do expenses go into the job itself such as uniforms for example there's still many other things that people have to pay for out of work.And depending on your home life some people need more money and sleep for example single parents for have feed kids and maybe have two low paying jobs.This is why striking is so important and for more then one reason there's so many different thing and different and the government is accommodating them for they work.And if striking is what has do be done for the government too listen then so be it because people desivers what they work for and not for where and who they work for.What do you think?